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The best Route to a Cleaner Kitchen – Ultimate Kitchen Cleaning Guide

We have been cooking in over kitchen most of the time. That is why sometimes we skip its cleaning. However, after months of cooking meals at home, you will notice that your kitchen needs a deep cleaning. As you know holidays are coming soon, so you should clean your kitchen.

All this effort will pay off when guests visit your home and appreciate your cleaning skills. You can either do it by yourself or hire professional cleaners to do the job. If you live in a dusty region like Dubai, you should book a cleaning appointment with ProCleaning.

If you want to know how to clean the kitchen at home, we have prepared this ultimate kitchen cleaning guide.

Let us start.

Kitchen Deep Cleaning

If we notice closely, the kitchen is busy 24/7. The only time it is not busy is when we are sleeping. However, we cannot compromise our sleep time over cleaning the kitchen. Hiring a professional cleaning team to be deep clean your kitchen is your sign.

The process is straightforward; kitchen cleaning will take two to three hours. Professional cleaners have the right tools and industry experience to complete the job efficiently. If you want to take matters into your hands, follow the steps below.

Dust High Fixtures And Cabinets

Always start from the top and move toward the bottom of the room. Grab a duster to wipe the dust off the light fixtures, above the cabinets, and over the fridge. Mix a natural cleaning solution and wipe the dust off the cabinet fronts. If there are any glass fixtures, clean them with a glass cleaning solution and microfiber cloth.

Time to Clean Counters

You never get to clean the counters as they are always full of cooking utensils. Well, it is time you should clear everything from the countertops and get started with cleaning. We keep a coffee maker, toaster, microwave oven, and other small electronics on the counters.

Remove everything from its place and store them away for some time. Take white vinegar, mix it with equal parts of water and wipe the countertops. Let it air dry. End the cleaning with a harmless disinfectant to keep the pests away.

When you are buying a disinfectant, always check the formula. It should be safe for the stone or marble used on the countertops.

Clear the Sink

The sink is one of the cluttered spots in the kitchen. Everyone liked to dump their dishes in the sink after eating. Take everything out of the sink and put them in the dishwasher. Meanwhile, take a cleaning solution and wipe the sink.

Let the solution sit for five to ten minutes before wiping. Followed by running fresh water in the sink. If you notice the drain is clogged, pour some hot water mixed with vinegar. Take a small toothbrush to clean the corners, and you are done.

Clean the Fridge

If you last tackled the fridge a long time ago, now is the time. We should keep the fridge tidy and sanitized, as most of our food is stored here. The goal is to make it a healthy space for your food. Check the fridge’s temperature, clean the dust off the rims and racks, and take everything out.

Throw everything expired and replace them with new edibles. Make a different section for each food group and label items if possible. Let the racks air dry, and finish the job by spraying sanitizer all over the fridge.

Scrub the Stove and Oven

The stove is full of grease and stains if you have not cleaned it in a long time. Well, now is the perfect time to clean it for the future. If the stove has a glass top, use a microfiber cloth to wipe it—first, dust off the crumbs and dirt from the stove.

Mix equal water and vinegar, dampen the cloth and wipe the stove. Let the mixture sit for a good five to ten minutes. Meanwhile, you can empty the dishwasher and place everything in cabinets and drawers.

Take a clean sponge and wipe the solution from the stove. Followed by a damp cloth. The vent above your stove collects grease. It would help if you made an extra effort to clean the vent. Clean the vent with detergent or dish soap and scrub with a brush. Place everything back on the stove, and you are done.

Empty the Trash Bin

It’s time to take the trash out and replace the bag inside the bin. Make sure that you have separated the trash before throwing it out. Spray the trash bin with disinfectant and install a new trash bag.

Mop the Floor

Now everything is almost clean and out of your way. Take the vacuum and mop out. First, clean the floor with vacuum cleaners to pick dirt off the floor. Followed by a damp mop with natural floor cleaner. Let the air dry before placing the floor mat, bin, and furniture back into the kitchen.

Admire the Clean Kitchen

You are done! You deserve a rest now. We suggest hiring professional cleaners next time because now you know it is a challenging job to deep clean your kitchen.

Bonus Kitchen Cleaning Guide Checklist

We have got you covered with this bonus checklist. You will thank us after reading it. The checklist is divided into sections for daily, weekly, and monthly kitchen cleaning guide checklist.

Daily Cleaning Checklist

  • · Wash dishes in the dishwasher.
  • · Wipe the sink with dish soap and water.
  • · Empty the dishwasher and put everything in the cabinets.
  • · Wipe and sanitize countertops.
  • · Wipe grease off the stove after using.
  • · Sweep the floor.

Weekly Cleaning Checklist

  • · Take inventory items and check for expiration dates.
  • · Clean electronic appliances.
  • · Wipe the microwave and clean the inside of it.
  • · Disinfect sink and faucets.
  • · Wash kitchen towels, sponges, and mats.
  • · Scrub the sink.
  • · Remove smudges from the cabinets.
  • · Empty the trash bin and replace the trash bag.
  • · Sanitize the floors.

Monthly Kitchen Cleaning Guide Checklist

  • · Clean cabinets and high fixtures.
  • · Replace the items in your pantry.
  • · Clean the fridge and stock edibles.
  • · Clean and sanitize the trash can.
  • · Clean the dishwasher, stove, and oven.
  • · Clean electronic appliances like coffee makers and toasters.
  • · Wash kitchen towels and rugs.
  • · Vacuum and mop the floor.

Maintain a Cleaner Kitchen

Make a checklist and keep it handy at all times. You can even get a print and stick it to your fridge. We must emphasize more on building cleaning habits. It may sound like a high school, but trust us, everything is for your good.

Divide the cleaning tasks into phases and clean as per your ease. You can also make a cleaning calendar, so you will know before the date arrives. Time your seasonal responsibilities to coincide with other tasks for a simple approach to remembering when to complete those more significant activities. Follow the stars and seasons to reach your primary semi-annual refrigerator deep clean.

Hire Best Kitchen Cleaning Services in Dubai

You can always make an appointment with the best cleaners in Dubai, ProCleaning. They provide deep, commercial, home, and kitchen cleaning services. Professional cleaners have the right tools and experience to complete the job.

If it helps, you can make a cleaning checklist for cleaners, so they can deep clean the kitchen accordingly. Make a call and book kitchen cleaning experts today.

Happy Cleaning!

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