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Muneeb Qadar
Soak Up Water From The Carpet
Do you have a spill on the carpet? Or has your carpet fabric been damaged by flooding? Some people might be tempted to let the carpet dry naturally by letting it air dry because soaking up water seems like a huge task. At the same time, others think that leaving a wet alone will dry...
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glass Cleaning company in Dubai
The new year has just started. Soon you will be enjoying spring, summer, and other outdoor activities. However, looking outside the windows and enjoying the cold or warm view is a good idea.   Your windows are the house’s focal point, both inside and out, and they may significantly affect your disposition. Even a thin layer...
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Protection of marble floors
Marble flooring is a popular choice among builders and contractors. It raises the worth of a building and is the most durable material for a classic finish. As bougie as it may sound, but protection of marble floors is two times harder.   A natural stone that can survive the worst conditions is a marble. If...
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upholstery cleaning in Dubai
Cleaning upholstery at regular intervals is essential for your health. If you ignore the cleaning, it is possible that the bedding and cushions in your home are full of harmful bacteria. A dirty sofa is perfect for bacteria and bugs to hide and stay alive.   Buying new furniture over and over again seems like an...
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Cleaning Company in Dubai - Procleaning
Our relationships and communication have an impact on how much stress we feel. It is essential to care for our bodies and minds, to maintain a healthy lifestyle. You can always consult professional help to improve your life. However, you can also try practical things to manage stress levels. Regular exercise and membership at a...
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AC Duct Cleaning Dubai - Procleaning
The HVAC system in our home/office plays a vital role in maintaining clean indoor air quality. The heating and cooling system is responsible for bringing air inside and circulating it in our home and office. If air ducts are filled with pollutants like mold, pests, and bacteria, dirty air is circulated throughout the home. One...
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