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8 Tips to Clean Windows – Do’s and Don’ts

The new year has just started. Soon you will be enjoying spring, summer, and other outdoor activities. However, looking outside the windows and enjoying the cold or warm view is a good idea.  

Your windows are the house’s focal point, both inside and out, and they may significantly affect your disposition. Even a thin layer of grime or dirt can make the view blur. It might give the area a shabby, neglected appearance. 

Window cleaning is essential to keeping your home or office clean and organized. This guide will discuss the dos and don’ts of window cleaning and some valuable tips to help you find the best glass cleaning companies in Dubai. 

Do’s and Don’ts of Window Cleaning  

Cleaning windows is a laborious and dangerous task. Clean windows add a sparkle to your home. However, the entire space may appear less clean if your windows are covered in dust or stains. 

Let’s discuss how to carefully clean your home’s windows and what to avoid doing before you start. Following our advice, you can keep your windows tidy and in good condition for a long time. 

Do clean every nook and corner.  

Extreme weather and sun exposure play a significant role in ruining the window glass. Cleaning companies in Dubai should include window cleaning in regular home/office cleaning. If you don’t clean your windows, dust and other debris will eventually amass in the window track, making it challenging to open and close your window. Even worse, accumulating filth can harm window components and permanently taint window glass. 

Make sure to clean every part hidden and visible from the windows. The window glass, sills, track, and screen are all included in this. To clean the screen well, remove it. Both the interior and exterior of the glass need to be cleaned. 

Do use the proper cleaning solution. 

Knowing which window cleaner to use might be challenging because so many are on the market. Our custom-made glass cleaner product, available at any of our three locations, works excellently on windows.  

In addition, you can use glass cleaner, vinegar, and water solution, or even a dishwashing liquid and water solution. The most crucial cleaning step is to remove the cleaning agent to prevent streaks completely. 

Do use organizational tools for cleaning. 

We always prefer using a pair of microfiber towels for thorough cleaning. Microfiber cloths are more environmentally friendly than paper towels and won’t leave any fuzz on your windows. We suggest using different towels for cleaning and drying. 

It’s best to use microfiber towels for a clean and polished finish. A large squeegee will expedite the process and almost certainly prevent bothersome streaks or smudges on your window. Use a squeegee only if the rubber is in good condition; otherwise, you risk scratching the glass. 

Don’t use a newspaper to clean glass. 

Cleaning companies in Dubai first used newspapers to clean windows because they were readily available, inexpensive, and didn’t leave behind lint or fluff as other towels did. Newspapers, however, are not the finest cleaning solution today.  

Newspaper is ineffective in removing cleaning fluid, and its ink can easily smear all over your windows. You’re asking to clean your windows twice if you use newspapers. 

Don’t rush window cleaning. 

It can be unsafe to clean your glass and windows, which is necessary to keep them in good condition, especially if your home has numerous glass elements and windows. 

Divide the task into two or three days rather than attempting to clean every window and piece of glass in one day or weekend. It is something challenging when you are cleaning late at night! Splitting the task up will make it more manageable and help you clean every part of the window. 

Don’t use soap on windows. 

While soap and detergents are excellent for cleaning yourself, your clothes, and your dishes, they could be more effective at cleaning glass. Typically, soap will leave a streaky residue on your glass. If you must use soap to remove filth and grease, use it sparingly; a little bit goes a long way. 

Pro glass cleaning tips 

All you need to do is remove the children’s artwork off the glass; don’t make a big out of washing the windows today. Here are some methods for removing any stains on your windows or glass. 

  • Take a damp cloth and apply the necessary amount of soft cleaner. You can also use a dry cloth or paper towel for cleaning. Additionally, use a solvent like acetone or mineral spirits as a cleaner. It works perfectly for both the frames and your glass. 
  • Rub the glass’s need-for-spot cleaning areas. Do not use any solvents or cleansers on wood frames; only if it is safe for the wood. 
  •  Rather clean the wooden frame with a dry, microfiber cloth or towel before cleaning the glass as usual. 
  •  Razor blades: A razor blade can scrape off rigid materials. But always use a fresh blade, and never use one dried! Before applying the blade to the glass, moisten it with a cleaner solution. Using an old, worn, or dry blade might leave stains or scratches on the glass that could lead to breaking. 
  •  Never use a razor blade on specialist safety glass or tempered glass. These glass varieties have been treated, making them more scratch prone. 

Wrap up

The best glass cleaning companies in Dubai offer professional services that help you maintain the highest cleanliness for your windows and glass surfaces. With the right window cleaning tips and techniques, these professionals can ensure your windows remain sparkling clean all year round. 

Our guide has provided insights to help you find the right window cleaning service provider for your needs and ensure that your windows remain clean and sparkling all year round. We are waiting for your call. 

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