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We offer professional deep cleaning services for residential and commercial properties.

Remove foul odors and mold from your air ducts with our best cleaning methods.

Protection of marble floors

We ensure that floors get premium and eco-polishing treatment.

upholstery cleaning in Dubai

Get deep and fast cleaning services for your furniture and a healthier home.

We believe in safe, effective, and affordable pest control services.

Get high-level commercial cleaning services for your businesses.

Who Are We?

We are a well-known cleaning company offering some top cleaning services in Dubai. We rank among Dubai’s top local best cleaning companies. In addition to serving residential consumers, we also prioritize corporate clients.

We know that Dubai is incorporating technological advancements at a fast pace. It needs to give more time to working professionals to clean their homes. Weekends are also booked with friends and family commitments.

We, ProCleaning, provide the best cleaning services in Dubai. Get in touch with us for deep cleaning your home or office, pest control, marble floor polishing, furniture cleaning, and more. We are here to serve you!

Why choose us?

Affordable Rates

We have some of the lowest cleaning rates in Dubai, with a 100% transparent pricing policy. Unlike many other cleaning companies.

After Sales Service

We do not end a job until the customer is completely satisfied and signs on a job as complete.

Professional Staff

All of our office cleaners in Dubai are highly trained, motivated and valued professionals prepared to go the extra mile.

Why Should You Hire Our Cleaning Services In Dubai?

If you have ever tried cleaning your office or home by yourself, you know it is a tough job. Despite your best efforts, you could not clean the space like professionals. The reason is you need the right tools and experience.

So, living in a region like Dubai, you should hire professional cleaners to enjoy a clean space. ProCleaning is one of the best cleaning companies in Dubai. We provide deep cleaning services for your home, office, and apartment.

If you wish to see astonishing results, these reasons are enough to convince you to hire the best cleaners in Dubai.

Specialized Equipment

A professional cleaner knows the required tools and equipment to clean the space. They have expanded their resources to locate the finest cleaning supplies and machinery in Dubai markets.

Professional cleaners know that tasks should be handled by a comprehensive inventory of materials, specialized equipment, and natural cleaning agents. They will employ these to produce excellent and superior cleaning outcomes since they will know when and where to use each item.

Industry Experience

ProCleaning is a leading cleaning company in Dubai. They have a pool of highly trained cleaners. The employees have industry experience cleaning and eliminating pests from your home and office.

Moreover, they have the right equipment and strategy to clean commercial environments. We also crosscheck and verify the backgrounds of our staff. All this work is done to ensure we are hiring the best people in our team.

Environmental Care

The cleaning industry has contributed considerable efforts in reducing the environmental footprint of leading companies all around the world. ProCleaning hires the best cleaners in Dubai and is committed to using eco-friendly products for cleaning. Our natural cleaning products will clean the environment and not harm the residents.

Tailored Cleaning Plan

The leading cleaning company in Dubai, ProCleaning, offers tailored cleaning plans. You can choose the plan that best suits your style and living space. Our experts work closely with clients and ensure that cleaning matches your requirements. We have flexible working hours depending on the amount of cleaning work.

Exceptional Cleaning Results

Lastly, the most noticeable benefit of hiring professional cleaners in Dubai is the transformation of the space. You will see exceptional results after a deep cleaning of the room and freshly polished marble floor in your home and office.

Your company will shine and transform into a warm and inviting space. You will be delighted with the way your company appears. Thanks to our trained team, excellent work, and fast response. This kind of deep cleaning makes a good impression.

Are you looking for cleaning solutions for our home and office? Get in touch with us.

Hire The Best Cleaning Company in Dubai – How do we work?

ProCleaning provides cleaning services all over Dubai. Our services are designed to meet the needs of every client. We suggest regular cleaning of your home and office. However, our deep cleaning services will clean your space if you cannot do so.

To ensure the best cleaning services in Dubai, we follow a specialized strategy every time we schedule a cleaning appointment. Here is a breakdown of our deep home and office cleaning services.

Basic rooms – Living room and bedroom

We dust the furniture and high fixtures in the room, followed by windowsills and photo frames. Rather than dry cleaning high fixtures, we prefer using damp wipes to pick up the dirt. The next step involves vacuuming the dust off the floor, changing linens, and mopping the floor using a natural cleaner, finishing everything by disinfecting the room.


We start by removing the webs and dirt off the furniture and walls. Then our task involves cleaning the faucets, mirrors, door frames and handles, sink countertops, and under the sink. The next step is cleaning the floor and sanitizing for a finishing touch.


Since the kitchen is the center of your home, we take extra care when performing our cleaning services. All appliances and countertops are first cleaned. Next, we clean the stove’s drip pans and grates and the microwave’s interior and exterior.

Book an Appointment With The #1 Cleaning Company in Dubai

Sometimes the most critical moments in life require special cleaning assistance. Our home and commercial cleaning services are designed to offer your space the extra care it needs. Whether you’re moving, hosting a birthday party, or inviting the family over for a holiday dinner. For any of the cleaning services, you may rely on us.

ProCleaning has many years of experience in the field and knows how to clean your house. Our tested and established cleaning methods will provide a new living space.

Moreover, our trained team members pay close attention to every detail of your home and go beyond your expectations. Get in touch with us immediately to see how our home cleaning services in Dubai can make your life easier.